Atlantico Finance gives out the following types of loans in both secure and unsecured way to only serious, reliable and trustworthy customers all over the globe. With so many financial products available today it can get very confusing deciding what the right loan for you is. Here is a brief explanation of the loans we offer.

Unsecured loans from $5000 to $50,000,000
Unsecured loans are the most common type of loan as they do not use your home or any other asset you own as collateral. There is a massive choice of unsecured loans available, from high street lenders to the smaller ones you probably do not know exist, the bigger, more common lenders on the high street generally have the best APR rates, but there acceptance criteria is usually fairly strict and they usually only lend to people with a good credit history that they know will have no late or missed repayments.

Tenant loans from $5000 to $50,000
Tenant loans are specialist unsecured loans designed for people who do not own their own property. There are many types of tenant loans to choose from and these loans can be found for people with a good or bad credit history. A tenant loan can generally be used for any purpose.

Bad credit loans from $5000 to $500,000
Bad credit loans, or sub -prime loans are for applicants that have been refused credit, due to having a bad or adverse credit history. This could be down to having county court judgments (CCJs) or defaults on their credit agreements. Generally with bad credit loans the APR rate is higher than a typical high street lender, but unlike a high street lender the acceptance policy is far less strict.

Unsecured car loans from $5000 to $100,000
Among the hundreds of different lenders we use there are also specialist car loan lenders. Many of these lenders will lend you money for your car on an unsecured basis. However there are also companies who may lend you more if the car you want is expensive but on the basis the loan is secured against your car. This type of loan is typically called a logbook loan.

Small loans up to $5000
A small loan is a loan that is ideal for sudden emergencies as a lot of the time the money can be transferred into the applicants account on the day of application. The typical repayment terms of a small loan are $20 for every $100 that is borrowed. As mall loan can be used for any purpose and they are available to people with a good or adverse credit history. Atlantico Finance will arrange a small loan no matter what your previous credit history is like.

Debt consolidation loans from $5000 to $50,000,000
A debt consolidation loan is a loan that consolidates all your debts into one affordable monthly payment. This type of loan is perfect if you have multiple loans and credit card agreements as the debt consolidation loan pays off all of these. The amount offered and APR will depend on the applicants credit history, monthly wage and monthly outgoings. A debt consolidation loan is available to anyone with a good or bad credit history.

{1} the applicant will start the repayment of loan at the end of every month starting from 3 months after loan has been transferred.
{2} Failure to pay back the loan at this expected date/period, legal actions will be taken against the applicant by our company attorney immediately.
{3} Applicant who is unable to meet with the repayment will be given 4 weeks more as a grace period before legal actions will be taken.
{4} you must make sure you understand the conditions for this loan you are about to secure from us, before we then proceed to the loan transfer.
{5}The borrower must pay back at the rate of interest within the stipulated time (years) after cashing the loan.
{6} you will not be allowed to request for more funds without evidence of repayment of previous fund borrowed. However consideration will be given to you if you have paid half of the previous fund borrowed.
{7} you must not have any current criminal records in any court of law.
{8} FSA: This Institution as well as this loan transaction is associated with a maximum security guarantee. The FSA (Financial Security Assurance) guarantees all applicants requesting for loan in this institution to be rest assured that the legitimacy of this transaction is 100%.
{9} APPLICABLE LAW: This agreement shall be governed by, construed in accordance with the laws in INDIA
{10} HEADINGS: Descriptive headings are for convenience and shall not control or affect the Meaning or construction of any provision of this agreement.

In agreement to this loan terms and repayment schedule you will be required to sign on the loan agreement document and also send along a scan copy of your ID Once the signed copy of the loan agreement is received, we will inform you when your loan will be ready for transfer, If you are willing to proceed further with your loan application please click here Online Loan Application Form to fill out our loan application form online